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Rangeley, Maine Fly Fishing

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Registered Maine GuideWe hope you enjoy these photos of Registered Maine Guide Tom Welch and his successful guided fly-fishing adventures in the Rangeley, Maine Region.
Book with Tom and you too can have some serious fishing action on Maine's pristine wild trout and salmon waters. 


The challenge?

To find, and fool, large numbers of wild, naturalized trout and salmon with an artificial fly.

Your quarry?

Landlocked Salmon and Wild Maine Brook Trout. Maine offers one of the country’s purest strains of native Brookie, also known as the squaretail.

The territory?

The fabled waters of the Rangeley, Maine Region: the Rangeley River, the Upper Dam Pool, the Rapid River, the Magalloway River, Cupsuptic River, and the Kennebago River are all in our niche fishing territory. We are also happy to take you to some of our favorite places in Southern Maine.

Your Guide?

Enjoy traditional Wild Maine Fly Fishing with a seasoned, veteran guide who knows the water from years of fishing this productive fishery and someday your photo may also grace these very pages!


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